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Queer-julkaisuja Empty Queer-julkaisuja

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NHL – Normihomolehti http://www.normihomolehti.fi/
"Kulttuurianarkistinen queer-lehti sinulle, jota pipo ei kiristä ylä- eikä alapäästä. Ilmaisjakeluna telineissä Helsingissä, Tampereella ja Turussa. Painos 25000 kappaletta. Lehtitilaus kotiin, kaverille tai työpaikalle 25€ / vuosi. Ilmestyy neljä kertaa vuodessa. Normihomolehteä kustantaa Voima Kustannus Oy."

Ménage à trois http://ma3.fi/
Ménage à trois on uusi queer-feministinen pornolehti, joka sisältää lahjakkaiden, eri alojen taiteilijoiden töitä. Kaikki teokset on luotu eettisesti.

englanti / English:

DIVA http://www.divamag.co.uk/
DIVA was first published in March 1994 and remains the only monthly glossy newsstand magazine for lesbians and bi women in the UK.

DIVA aims to deliver the best information, inspiration and online shopping to lesbians everywhere! We aim to provide excellence in innovation, information and entertainment for all our customers, and to make them feel individually special, and connected to our wider community. We provide the highest-quality magazine, retail experience and web presence possible for gay women and are dedicated to creating and evolving a magazine and a community to be proud of.

Attitude http://attitude.co.uk/
Attitude is Europe’s No1 gay life-style monthly magazine with blockbusting exclusives that most magazines – gay or straight – could only dream of. -- Attitude’s world-class celebrity content is equalled by its status as a leading player in men’s fashion. With more than 20 pages of stunning fashion in every issue, shot by some of the world’s most respected fashion photographers, our award winning team consistently push the envelope and set the style agenda. And it’s not just about entertainment. The magazine is balanced by serious features on a diverse range of subjects – from the US Presidential election campaign to male rape to body image issues, all from the sharpest writers in journalism today.

OUT http://www.out.com/
The World's Leading Source for Gay Fashion, Style and Culture
Issue after issue, Out enriches your gay experience with thoughtful writing, stunning visuals, and authoritative coverage of fashion and design. Out showcases today's hottest creative talents from the worlds of music, theater and the arts.

norja/ norsk

Blikk http://www.blikk.no/


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