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In English: Rules and Instructions

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In English: Rules and Instructions Empty In English: Rules and Instructions

Viesti kirjoittaja Khar lähetetty Ke Joulu 18, 2013 3:22 pm

Like a Star @ heaven Welcome to Sukupuolikuu!  Like a Star @ heaven This is a forum for gender minorities and those who question their gender identity, primarily for those who currently live in Finland. We are still under construction but welcome new members nevertheless.


1. Create a username ("käyttäjätunnus") and password ("salasana")
2. Introduce yourself concisely but informatively in the topic called "Esittäytymiset" ('Introductions')
3. Wait for the administrators to approve your application. When we're sure you're a person and not a bot or a troll, you'll be granted permission to read and write on this forum.
4. Navigate to the section called 'In English', or practice your Finnish skills around the other sections!


  • Sign up and introduce yourself to gain reading and writing permissions
  • Participate in conversations, share your thoughts and experiences, ask and comment, debate and rant, hype and moan
  • Do not troll, flood, belittle, attack, be an identity police, out anyone or invade their privacy, in or off the forum
  • Go out of your way to not insult and hurt anyone and try not to be insulted or hurt; confront people openly and express your feelings and your points of view
  • Only refer to other members with their nickname of choice; never quote a discussion outside of the forum in a way that would reveal anyone's identity (or other nickname)
  • Breaking and ignoring the rules will have severe consequences


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